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Sext: I am so glad that the particles of a star that exploded billions of years ago eventually came together to form your fingers

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Relationships are like a forged blade. At first, the fire burns red hot, and everyone around can see and feel the heat. People are envious of that heat, but the truth is, a blade must be cooled and tempered to reach its full strength. The tough times in a relationship are the waters that strengthen the blade.

Our blade needs polished from time to time, and at a glance, it’s nowhere near as impressive as your red hot blade, but it’s so strong, it could probably cut through stone.

Reddit user Ihavenocomments - answering the question “What ways have you changed since meeting your significant other?” (via h0nor)

"I might be lackadaisical but that’s not a tough call" is now my new favorite line.



We’re 20 minutes in and you’ve already caught the bad guy. Of course he’s not the real deal.

Spending an evening working at a noisy TGIFridays is what happens when you’re dating an extrovert.

Hufflepuff’s symbol is a badger, which is fluffy, adorable, unassuming, and will rip your face off if you threaten something it cares about, which sums the House up quite neatly.

TV Tropes (via margretarson)

calming websites



okay! so. here are some websites that i’ve found helpful, as distractions or deterrents from anxiety and/or sadness.

i hope some of these are helpful bc you deserve to feel relaxed and calm! if you know of any other helpful sites, please feel free to reblog and add them in! :3

(thanks to jessiebellesjib for this link)

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People do not seem to realise that their opinion of the world is also a confession of their character.

Ralph Waldo Emerson (via creatingaquietmind)


Go, right now. Find your favorite person. Send them a happy crisscolfer moment/headcanon! Make them smile. 

When you finished, if you are so inclined, think of another person and do it again. 

(Make sure they like crisscolfer, though. Don’t be a dick and send it to someone that won’t like it. That defeats the purpose of ‘make them smile.’)

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