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"Hey Chris, can you hold something for me?”

for the beloved Sil uwu HOPE YOU LIKE SOME FLUFF

Can’t seem to make myself fall into Teen Wolf but I might give Faking It a try. At least it’s only at 8 episodes rn.

It’s been a loooong week and we’re only halfway done with it.

Sunday was spent preparing for Monday morning’s presentation and then after said presentation we had a marathon craming session for the event that happened yesterday and today. Our company just acquired a big Filipino brand which is a huge fucking deal. It makes me so incredibly proud and so incredibly sad as well since I won’t be around to help it grow even more.

My decision to leave my company and look for a new job is causing me a lot of heartache but at the same time I’m excited for everything that could happen down the road. Endings and new beginnings are always scary but my instinct and judgment have never failed me before and I’ll be damnded if it’ll fail me now.

In the meantime I’m going to go and pass out. I hope something fun happens in fandom while I’m in dreamland!

what is my optimal setting so that I don’t feel like my whole system is malfunctioning the moment I wake up?

the dorito thing is because in his captain america suit, chris evans looks like he's shaped like a dorito (extremely large shoulders and teeny tiny waist) ^^

That is the cutest thing in the world omg

Also the fact that Mark Ruffalo and RDJ are internet savvy and finds things like that makes me squee uwu




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im going to a wedding xo

Ooooh! Pictures should be a thing you should post! <3 <3 <3


god bless sdcc

the avengers cast takes comic con 2k14 [part 1/?]

the avengers cast takes comic con 2k14 [part 2/?]

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