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glee rpf: when the time comes (12/?)



Darren’s life is fucking perfect. He’s best friends with an awesome person, he’s got the lead in the school play, he’s popular, he’s top of his class. He might even get the girl.

Too bad he doesn’t know what he wants.


Chris’ life sucks. He’s the school loser, he’s struggling in class, he has more trauma than he knows what to do with and life seems to go out of its way to fuck him over.

Worst of all he’s in love with his best friend.


A/N: After 11 fucking months halle-fucking-lujah



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[Excerpt from Chapter 12]


Alex: So, what time am I allowed into your sacred rehearsal space again?

Chris: We should be done by a little after lunch. I’m sorry Cathy wouldn’t let you sit in.

Alex: Hey, that just means I get to be surprised completely come opening night.

Chris: With the way the run through is going you’re going to be surprised all right.

Alex: That bad?

Chris: It’s the first one so I’m still holding out hope.

Alex: With star power like you I’m sure you’re going to knock them dead.

Chris: Yes, I’ll wow them all by swaying in the background and blending with the chorus. And let’s not forget my very important role as Mersibling #2.

Alex: Hey, that still makes you royalty. Do you think the Prince Charming of sea would consider running off with the guy who helps paint the castle?

Chris: That actually sounds like a good idea for a story.  

Alex: Is that a yes?

Chris: Attending a ball together might be a more comfortable step for this Prince.

Alex: I don’t know. I think the painter-guy can be pretty convincing.

Chris: First stalking, now kidnapping. If I had more sense I’d be worried.

Alex: It’s a good thing you don’t then. See you in a couple of hours!

Soooooo… I just discovered a google doc with almost 9,000 words of a Klaine fic. I forgot I had that from the reverse bang which I was never able to complete.

Here’s a peek if anyone’s interested.

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84. Echoes

Summary: Chris and Darren’s story told in ten years. (Chris POV)
Rating: pg-13
Word Count: approx 1,600 words

A/N: Nik has spent the past week teaching me how to use my words properly so it’s ironic that I have no words for how grateful I am that she helped me through this.

That woman is an angel and a sweetheart and my soul twin.





Chris at 19 looked at the world eyes brimming with possibility. Everything brand new and too bright, the vibrant hues of fame bleeding into his life until it was awash with color.

He was Cinderfella and the world was a fairytale waiting to come true.

It took a few months before he realized that the colors were nothing more than reflections against a glass cage.

It didn’t make him stop believing in fairytales.


Chris at 20 found himself tripping over his own two feet trying to catch up to a boy who didn’t look at him like the baby, didn’t see Chris as too young to go out and party, didn’t see him as too innocent to be shown the evils of the world.

Summer was spent full of light touches, lingering glances and whispers that promised little but meant too much to Chris.

It was afterward, when he was no longer wrapped in the world they had built for themselves during the tour, when he befriended a new boy who asked questions that made his throat constrict with the lack of answers, that Chris finally found his footing and realized he wasn’t interested in the game they were playing.

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rpficlet: 25. Breaking Away

Summary: Darren is a publicist. Chris is an entertainment journalist.
Rating : pg-13
Word Count: approx 1,500 words

For Day 3 of CC Week: Let the Credits Roll

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They skipped the after party and grabbed burgers instead.

“They’re going to wonder where you are,” Alla had insisted. She eyed Darren suspiciously like he was responsible for her client’s sudden desire to play hooky.

Chris brushed away her concern. “I’m the screenwriter. They don’t care about me. Roberto’s the star of the movie.”

“Your name holds more weight than his at this point.”

“It would be a good thing for me to step out of his spotlight then,” he argued. It was only when Alla rolled her eyes and waved him away that Chris turned to Darren a triumphant smile on his face.

They left with Darren feeling just the tiniest bit guilty. He understood how important it was for Chris to be present for any media coverage but he had been itching to get him alone all night.

Any other day he and Alla were colleagues, fighting on the same front but tonight Darren wasn’t a publicist. He was simply Chris’ date.

He was Chris’ date.

It gave him a thrill just thinking about it.

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Slightly angsty crisscolfer headcanon under the cut

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glee rpficlet: 08. Gateway

Summary: Darren is a publicist. Chris is an entertainment journalist.
Rating : pg-13
Word Count: approx 1,400

For Day 2 of CC Week: The World Wide Web

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An hour after he arrived at his apartment, Darren was showered and sitting in bed the glow of his laptop the only light in the room.

After Chris had left he spent the rest of the night making idle chatter and keeping half an eye out for Lea who had found herself a new friend in both Grant and Hannah. When their conversation had gained enough momentum, she had quietly excused herself in the guise of needing to find her boyfriend.

The exaggerated wink and thumbs up she had thrown at Darren made him laugh into his drink, causing the woman he had been talking to bat his eyelashes at him thinking it was because of the story she was telling.

If Darren was completely honest he had zoned out a few minutes into the conversation. His thoughts still dominated by the enigma that was Chris Colfer.

He knew he mostly did freelance. He knew who his publishers were, his agent, and even met his publicist once or twice. Alla was well-regarded and loved among their circle. Chris had chosen well when he hired her.

But he already knew all of that from the background check they had done on him after his book was released. Darren had carefully read through every piece that Chris had written. It was above and beyond what was required of him but Chris’ writing style was compelling and he had found himself clicking on link after link to find out more about the man behind the words.

This time Darren wondered about the man he met at the bar. The man who seemed to measure each of his movements in a careful meticulous way that spelled out an agenda.

Except for his laugh.

Darren could spend the rest of his life listening to that laugh.

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glee rpficlet: 50. Party

Summary: Darren is a publicist. Chris is an entertainment journalist.
Rating : pg-13
Word Count: approx 2,000
A/N: I know cc week is mostly over but I wanted to write something. Dedicated to Jen and Shannen

For Day 1 of CC week: First and Foremost.

1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6


Darren was fucking bored.

Music was playing, drinks were flowing freely and the beautiful people of Hollywood surrounded him at every turn but it didn’t matter. None of it held his interest.

Elbows propped against on the bar, his eyes surveyed across the room letting the white noise of small talk and laughter wash over him. He loved his job, was actually pretty fucking great at it but he had never gotten used to the forced casual atmosphere of industry parties.

It was a scene he had been in a million times before. He had never sought to be one of those douchebags with a Bluetooth headset permanently stuck to his ear but somehow that was exactly where life had taken him. What started as an internship with one his dad’s friends had snowballed into a job as a junior publicist. Not quite in the big leagues but high enough that he regularly found himself hobnobbing with A-listers and their management teams.

Tonight he was on babysitting duty for Lea Michele, a reality TV star who proved to have talent to back up her bravado. She was a tiny slip of a girl with too many tattoos, a firey temperament and the energy of a supernova.

From the moment they met, Darren had thought her feistiness was her best quality but his bosses regarded it as a headache which meant it was up to him to make sure she didn’t get into trouble. At least not enough trouble they couldn’t handle.  As long as it was spinnable, Darren was happy. She had proved smart enough to know when to rein it in and when to let loose.

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glee rpf: when the time comes (11/?)


Title: When The Time Comes (11/?)
Author: deej (djchika)
Pairing : Chris/Darren
Rating : pg-13 (so far)
Word Count: approx 3,200
Genre: High School AU (because there aren’t enough Crisscolfer AUs out there)

Summary: Living in a small town sucks. Living in a small town while desperately trying to get out with your heart in one piece is a nightmare.

A/N: My deepest, deepest thanks to Jen and Chlarine who were amazing in helping me finish this chapter.


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